Catch EVERY lead that comes your way. Increase your closing ratios.

We guarantee that you won't miss out on a single lead with our innovative Google-apps based AutoLink CRM. Our centralized lead tracking system provides unique features such as automatic lead routing, lead alerts/notification, custom reporting, manual lead re-assignment.

At Local Car Sites we understand that for any business, especially an auto dealership to grow or, indeed, even sustain itself, having a large number of customers is absolutely essential. In the automotive business the golden rule is - Customer is king!

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process provides you with all the tools that you would require to track, organize and follow-up your contacts, to build and maintain lasting relationships with your customers - basically provide seamless communication platforms with your customers!

Our CRM effectively implements various processes, strategies and technologies for your auto dealership to improve customer interaction and track information, helping maintain valued relationships with existing customers.

We have developed the first ever CRM built completely on Google Apps platform. Some of the benefits that you can gain by implementing our CRM -

Innovative Features
  • Simple and easy to use - keep track of your existing customer base, follow-up on the leads that may have been unreachable previously as well as easily add new customers
  • Direct interaction with your customers - multiple communication channels on a single platform including email, chat, and phone all in one place.
  • Access information easily - no need to waste time searching all over, you find all the information about your dealership, lead status very easily and quickly.
  • Never miss out on a single lead - centralized lead tracking.
  • Comprehensive document management system - complete with electronic forms and document approval workflow.
  • Higher level of customer satisfaction - Build and send custom e-brochures to your prospective buyers on the fly containing complete information about your customer's vehicle of interest. Send out instant price quotes via the Quick Quote tool.
  • Built-in inventory management system - Multi-faceted Administrator's console to track, edit, organize your inventory. custom reporting, data trends.
    • Innovative push/pull feature. Collect data from all popular third party inventory systems such as HomeNet, Arkona, ADP, Reynolds, etc.
    • Viral propagation of Inventory - Push data to all third party sites such as HomeNet, Google Base, Flickr, Google Picasa, etc.
    • Integration with Chrome engine for complete vehicle data including automatic update of incomplete vehicle description.
    • Integration with Evox for new cars images.
    • Accurate analytics on hot selling cars. Get instant numbers on most viewed cars, popular searches, hot leads.
    • Easy integration with third party inventory systems
  • Fully customized lead routing.
  • Fully customized alert/notification system
  • Custom reporting - view the performance of your sales team using our custom reports.
  • Evaluate and analyze - Our proprietary CRM can be used to plan target-marketing campaigns and conceive business strategies as well as to evaluate your dealerships performance - such as your market share, types and volumes of customers, revenue generation and profitability