Web enabled CMS

Local Car Sites has built a Content Management System (CMS) which is very Internet marketing & SEO friendly that allows clients to publish content of different types in multiple languages to the Internet in an expedient and efficient manner.

Our proprietary marketing platform is the most advanced web 2.0 enabled automobile platform in the world. Besides providing normal CMS features such as editing etc. our CMS helps integrate and virally market out dealer websites onto popular web2.0 platforms like Facebook, blogs ,Twitter, RSS feeds, etc.

This not only makes site management a breeze but also enables management of marketing efforts across different media from a central point helping dealerships reach more targeted consumers online.

Our content management system has all the features of a normal CMS System and also has special features for Internet marketing, such as:

  • The administrator can actually specify an SEO friendly URL
  • From the CMS itself, the administrator can add Title, Meta keyword, Meta description for all pages
  • The system creates pages on the fly so that there are no tags, session ID's or parameters passed in the URL. All URLs are plain and easily cached by search engine spiders
  • The CMS uses CSS/XHTML format so that caching and loading of pages is faster
  • Multiple categories, sub-categories can be added on the fly
  • Pages as desired, based on requirements, can be created on the fly
  • The administrator can manage multiple sites from a single backend
  • The administrator can upload images and generate thumbnails
  • The administrator can manage Tags in backend which helps to cache website on search engines
  • The CMS provides listing of records and facility to activate, deactivate and delete records
  • Once the inventory is integrated into the site, inventory details such as prices, offers, inventory images etc. can be edited through the CMS
  • At a single click of a button dealerships can push content such as Special Offers, Discounts, deals, etc. to all Social Media enabling viral propagation across channels.
  • WYSWYG editor
  • The administrator can manage multiple user levels, e.g. super admin, admin and editors - while reducing much of the redundancy normally involved in running systems of this type.