Social Media Optimization
Generate a huge amount of publicity for your dealership through Social Media.

Facebook has 1.2 billion visits/month

Twitter has 54 million visits/month

MySpace has 800 million visits/month this year and growing.

How many millions are you reaching out to?

Social media is more than just catching up with old buddies. With millions connected, it offers unparalleled business opportunities. Just goes to show that the power of viral marketing cannot be ignored. Social media is 80% more economical to advertize your BRAND on than print or the television media.

But simply having a page on Facebook or MySpace doesn't guarantee you visibility. It requires experts in the field to chalk out a strategy to fully harness its potential.

We at LCS are masters in the art of social media optimization. Our Internet marketing experts deploy various methods for SMO including Blog Indexing, RSS Feeds, Twitter, etc. all contributing in creating a lasting presence for your dealership brand online as well as generating a huge amount of publicity across the Internet. Our Internet specialists create attractive content and disseminate information to all the social media sites. We create attractive relevant content, providing daily updates on news surrounding events around your dealership, , inventory special promotion offers, all helping in increased volume of self generated LEADS.

Our strategic efforts in propagating your brand across social media ensures maximum ROI.

Social media offers an unprecedented opportunity to interact with millions of users. LCS solutions are fully integrated and strategically aligned with your business objectives. For more information Call us at:1.800. 385.2460. FREE ANALYTICS, FREE PROPOSAL - NO OBLIGATION WHATSOEVER!