About Us

LocalCarSites.com is a fast growing technology company dedicated to delivering end-to-end online solutions to its' Automotive clients. Our offices are located in Beverly Hills, California, USA  and in, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bangalore & Chennai, India.

Our specialization in the automotive sector is a compilation of years of building framework as an outsourced provider to the industry. Building platforms and tools which were cutting edge for the Who's Who on the Internet. Our proprietary products and comprehensive marketing platform assures high visibility online to car dealers nationwide, with a primary focus on increasing relevant leads that result in accelerated conversions. Our Platform built on Google Chrome delivers a definitive edge,  assuring synchronization with required algorithms for the verticals you must inhabit.
We are a multi-faceted company with a strong enterprise technology team, programming engineers,  marketing specialists, advertising experts, highly creative graphics designers , PR Agency as well as TV & Internet Video Advertising - a complete infrastructure - to best position your business. The ability to coordinate all facets of advertising delivering a uniform - succinct message, is what will set you apart from your competition.
Our web-enabled tools and solutions will drive your car dealerships to the No. 1 position across all Internet channels in your local area. We generate maximum visibility online for our clients resulting in  increased lead generation - accounting for more than 60% of your sales. Our advanced reporting systems will validate our success and we are willing to be held accountable for same. Our Beta Testing of our systems over the past four (4) years just in the auto-indusry has resulted in what is some of the most robust campaigns run on the Internet.   
Local Car Sites fully supports the 'new accountability practices' and corporate code of ethics, including complete security of client data, confidentiality at the highest security levels.

Meet the Team
LocalCarSites.com  ("LCS") and AMX Interactive is comprised of several top visionaries that built those engines and platforms which drive 73% of all search on the Internet today.  LCS / AMX has onboard people with a strong background not just in Strategic Internet marketing and Brand building but also in technology, web development, and across all Internet advertising mediums.. The combine of its active members is the driving force of the " LCS" Platform.  Years of experience in all facets of the Internet business,  having been involved from the very beginning.
At the very first meeting with our TEAM there is an established comfort level that will lead to creating your confidence in the project. Total fulfillment of all business aspirations is assured with the understanding of our "Mining Intelligence Software"  and our tools  capability reinforced with a live real-time DEMO. For the most part we select those dealerships that we believe will be the best fit for what we collectively are looking to achieve.